Rover Shoulder Badges--Placement Contradictions, Clarifications, & Recommendations

Greetings, Scouts!

I've been trying to sort out the Rover shoulder badge placement and interactions. I am confused by a few apparent internal contradictions. P.S. If the Rover HB needs to have a new draft written, in all earnestness I'm happy to take that on in pursuit of the Project Badge!

Refs: 1938 POR, 2013 Rover Handbook,BPSA Ontario Uniforms link 

What I think I've figured out:

1. Rover Knight: Both shoulders (RH, p. 11; not in text @ RH, p. 36)--these essentially replace the shoulder straps prescribed in POR rule 316 (I). 

Note: Per RH (p. 37) the Practical Training Strip shoulder badge is an augmented Rover Knight shoulder badge.

2. Project Badge: Right (RH, p. 65; not in diagram @ RH, p.11). 

3. Rambler's badge: Left shoulder strap (POR, rule 509, & RH, p. 11; not in text @ RH, p. 58).

4. B-P award--which shoulder?

a. Text: Left; "replaces the other four [shoulder] badges" (RH, p. 66). This leaves an empty right shoulder.

b. Diagram: Right, (RH, p. 11). 


1. Rover Knight badge: Keep both shoulders unless replaced by another badge. Clarify that they are replaced left or right by Rambler or Project badges, respectively. 

2. Clarify that Rambler & Project badges can be worn together. This is how BPSA Ontario illustrates it (, p. 6).

3. For B-P Award: Both shoulders. As the RH notes (p. 66), it replaces the other shoulder badges, so it doesn't make sense to wear it with the Rambler.

4. Whatever is decided, update the diagram in the RH (p. 11) and the text to be consistent with each other and the POR.

Thanks for your consideration and discussion!

Yours in Traditional Scouting, Aye,


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I would direct you to whomever is running the publication committee.  Chief Comm. Sue Pesznecker would know.  Best to contact her by Facebook.

What you have discovered is that there have been some Rover badges added since the 1938 POR.  The BPSA-US and other contemporary B-P programs have Project badges, stars, and BP award which were not available to Rovers in 1938.

1. The shoulder badges you are referring to are available in the QM store.  I think once you meet other scouters and see how they wear their uniforms it will make more sense.

2. I imagine everyone wears both the Rambler and Project badge together.  As the shoulder boards change so much with the adding of awards it may be hard to include all of them on one diagram.

3. I am not aware of anyone who has gotten the B-P award so it has not come up.  You are correct that the location is misleading on either the diagram of the uniform (right shoulder)  in our RH on page 11 or in the text at the bottom of page 66.  Although the text says 'left; it also mentions that it should replace ALL FOUR (service star, scoutcraft star, project, and rambler) badges which would imply one wears it on both shoulders.

1, 2, and 3) The Rambler and Project badges are signified by replacing the shoulder boards with special shoulder badges that incorporate the design of the award rather than adding an additional badge to the original boards.  The BPSA-US uses updated shoulder boards for awards instead of adding a patch to the shoulder board like many of the BPSA groups in Canada do.

2) Correct: Project badge on the right, Rambler on the left, per the text on the corresponding awards pages in the Rover Handbook.

3) The B-P award is worn only on the left.  The right shoulder board would be the plain shoulder board with the red Practical Training strip (no award on the right shoulder board).  It supersedes (and encompasses) the other awards, so they are not worn with it.

Hope this helps!


-Scott Moore

Thanks, all!

Just trying to line up what is in the text with what's in the diagram with what's at the QM store. I believe I have that set now.

If no one has earned the B-P Award yet, I guess the rest is academic for now, but if it replaces in concept things worn on both shoulders, it would make sense to me to wear it on both too.


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