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Rover George's Astronomy Notes Introduction and Note #1: Viewing the Sun

Welcome to Rover George’s Astronomy Notes.  Each Note will be a short discussion about some aspect of astronomy designed to help Scouts—or anyone else—learn about the sky.  I will try to keep each note brief so that Scouts can print them and take them into the field.  They will be posted on my blog on BPSA Trailhead.  

What will be covered?

Eventually I hope to cover constellations and sky lore, motions in the sky, the Moon, observing planets, finding north, resources…


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Astronomy: The BPSA Planisphere -- fixed minor typos

I fixed some minor typos on the planisphere and instructions.  Also, this is a .zip file instead of a .7z file, which I think is more universal.  Here's the new file:

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Astronomy: The BPSA Planisphere

Hi all,

For my Rover Project I made a planisphere that can be downloaded, printed out, and assembled.  A planisphere is a star chart that can be set for any time and date.  It is useful for learning stars, constellations, and star motions in the night sky.

Give it a look!  I also plan to post more astronomy resources here in my Trailhead blog.

Included in the 7zip file are the planisphere files, assembly instructions, and use instructions.  Here's the file:…


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Hello from West Central Florida!

Hello everyone!

For introductions, I'll start :-)...

My name is Corey Allen, and I am the new GSM for 87th Panthers located in Citrus County Florida.  We are just getting started, but are already loving it.  As of right now, we have 8 registered members, with another 10 waiting to sign up at our first scheduled meeting in 2 weeks.  So far this has all been word of mouth advertising through friends and family.

We have an Otter Den nearly full, we have 2 Timberwolves with…


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I am getting stationed at US Naval Hospital Rota, Spain

Good day fellow scouts,

Back in November 2016 I had to negotiate for new assignment orders for my next duty station. I had two choices: stay in southern California or go to Spain. Choosing orders in the Navy isn't up to the individual Sailor, but the Sailor can give up to five different choices. On December 1st I found out that I was selected to move to Spain. Well its May almost June and I don't official travel orders in hand. I hope I will get them in the next few weeks. 



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Scout Season

We shifted our scout season away from the school year calendar (Aug - Feb) so now it runs from April to September, when the weather is nicer and we'd rather be outside. 

10th Research Triangle

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Nat'l Staff
98th Rainier's First Swimming Up Otters

In the dark of December 5th, 2016, two Otters of the 98th Rainier completed the Otter program, achieving all badges and participations and experiences. These two became the first Swimming Up Otters in our scout group.

A solemn yet joyous ceremony was held on the grounds of the Pathfinder HQ, around a campfire and lit by torches.…


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A New Blog

I'm not a huge fan of Trailhead's built-in blog system, so I've started a new Wordpress blog to record and work with my new Scouting experiences.  It can be found here:

The advantage of having a Wordpress blog is that friends, colleagues and family who aren't on Trailhead but who are interested in my thoughts on Scouting can have access to what I write.

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After a recent visit to my mom's apartment, I took the opportunity this week to go through the old scouting stuff that has been sitting in one storage unit or another for about twenty years.

First I discovered the remains of my wool campfire blanket, which clearly provided meals for many generations of moths; the dozens of patches were salvageable, the blanket not so much. I'll be sewing them…


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Back to Scouting

I think it's safe to say I grew up in Scouting: I was one of five kids and we were all in Scouts or Guides; my mom was a Guide leader and my dad, after both his sons joined Scouts, became a Scouter himself.  My maternal grandfather was a Scoutmaster back in the 1950s and 60s, and I remember how proud he was when I was invested as a Scout.  I went from Beavers all the way to Rovers, and attended my last Rover meeting about a month and a half…


Added by Paul Matisz on November 18, 2016 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

First camp of the 2016/17 season!

5th Brooklyn just held its first camp of the season, at Clarence Fahnestock State Park, one of our favorites.

The Otters camped on one of the group sites, and our Northern Timberwolf Pack set up on individual sites about four miles away.  Our Pathfinder troop camped in a corner of our group site, and used their lashing skills to create a very cool obstacle course for our Otters to navigate.

Coming from the theater, I use a "Roses & Thorns" approach to post-mortems; it's…


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Hurricane Mathew

Hello All, Just wanted to say that we've survived Mathew, just got power back today, it was out since sat. night.  Hope all in areas where Mathew visited are well, and getting everything back to normal.  All that said, looks like we're now in for some great service opportunities around here.

In Service,

JC Braxton 

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Awards, badges, and other commendations

September 23rd, 2016: I earned the Inclusive Scout Award

December 2016: I earned the Ten Year Anniversary Award

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My BPSA Journey

I started exploring BPSA when a very dear friend Mathew L. Mauss began sharing his experiences with me.

On July 25th, 2016 I registered an account and started to explore the organization more fully.  I really liked what I saw.

On September 17th, 2016 I finally registered for BPSA as a Lone Scout, and joined the Rover Program.  With that commitment the work began.  I started reading the books recommended for Rover Scouts, this same night I finished The Mini Guide to…


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Scout Meeting – August 2016

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Angry otters attack teens in California

Angry otters attack teens

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Organizational Structure

I've put together a draft table of organization to help prospective members understand our organizational structure in the 69th Rangers.

This is a direct link to the document on Google Drive. Please copy and modify as you see fit:

Table of Organization Google Doc

This is an image of the Table of Organization:…


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Parting ways

Earlier this year I was tapped to serve as a Troop Guide on my council's Wood Badge staff. I was honored to be picked up and proudly looking forward to the experience. The other day the course director e-mailed all of us on staff and advised that due to low enrollment numbers two of the patrols would be dropped -- one of which was mine; I could stay on as extra commissary staff if I wanted. I didn't reply. The next day my daughter turned ten and as I read through the birthday wishes for her…


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Test Blog Post 1

This is a test of the BPSA Trailhead blog.

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Nat'l Staff
Staffing Up the 98th Rainier

I was asked by a wise woman last night the following question, "How do people know what the staffing needs are in your scout group? Because if they don't know, then they won't volunteer..." I thought about this, and realized that where the gaps and opportunities are may be clear to me, but they may not be so clear to anyone else. The baseline requirement for youth leadership is spelled out in the…


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Welcome to the BPSA Base Camp

Networking site for BPSA members & staff, plus anyone else interested in growing our coed, inclusive, traditional scouting program in the United States.

Latest Activity

Katie Rogers might attend Jillian Tate's event

BTC3 Training at Cheesequake State Park at Cheesequake State Park, NJ

October 20, 2017 to October 22, 2017
Calling all youth section leaders!  This new BTC3 training is built from the ground up for YOU.  We are bringing TWO trainers from Oregon (Ethan Jewett and Kristen Klever) to teach this next level Brownsea training to our NE Rovers.  The Brooklyn…See More
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31st River Valley

31st River Valley BPSA Scout Group based in Sacramento, California, under the leadership of GSM David Coronado.See More
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Program ideas, sharing and leaders roundtable discussions for BPSA Otters.See More
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